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LucidVibes Reality Testing Device

LucidVibes is a very pesky lucid dream machine whose job it is to make sure that you do Reality Tests throughout the day. When activated this device will constantly remind you to do reality checks during your waking hours. Reality Testing will help you to develop your reflective awareness so that you have a higher chance of becoming lucid whenever impossible or odd things happen during dreaming.

The great importance of reflective awareness to lucid dreaming should not be overlooked. When you are awake, the brain’s built in automatic change detection function seamlessly notifies you of changes in your environment due to changes in sensory input. If something really odd were to happen you would automatically notice it via this built in function, given that no Change Blindness phenomena were to interfere with the process. Since there is no sensory input during dreaming, changes in the dream scene must be noticed through some other mechanism, such as, reflective awareness. Therefore, the great importance of developing your reflective awareness.

Have you ever wondered why a dream character can suddenly transform into something totally different in front of your dream eyes without you ever taking note of the change until after awakening? The simple answer is that automatic change detection is not present during dreaming. So how are you to consistently notice that you are dreaming if you have not formed the habit of regularly reflecting upon your reality?

A major challenge in learning how to lucid dream is remembering to question reality. Vibratory and/or sound cues prompt the user to perform reality tests throughout the day. LucidVibes includes online instructions that explain how to perform reality tests that will consistently lead to reflective awareness during dreaming.

LucidVibes facilitates the reflective daytime mental practice necessary for lucid dreaming. The custom features of this battery-operated device include multiple programmable alarms and a repeating countdown timer. LucidVibes can be used stand alone or with a secure clip that attaches to your belt or clothing.

Using Reality Testing to Encourage Reflective Awareness During Lucid Dreaming
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LucidVibes is no longer available.

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