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Getting Your Mind and Body Healthy for Lucid Dreaming

Get Healthy for Lucid Dreaming Using Liposomal Vitamin C

So what does health have to do with lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is all about remembering to notice that you are dreaming. If your brain and your memory are not working correctly, lucid dreaming will be much more of a challenge.

The importance of large doses of vitamin C in the diet is often overlooked. The human body does not manufacture vitamin C due to a genetic defect. The bodies of most other mammals synthesize their own C which is the first defense against stress and disease. For instance, a 140-pound goat produces about 15 grams of C per day, and up to 100g when sick or under great stress. Obviously, the human body has adjusted to surviving without mega doses of C. But nonetheless, the evidence is that mega doses of vitamin C are ideal for optimum health.

A problem with taking large doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder and/or tablets is that only approximately 17% is absorbed through the digestive system. The rest remains in the gut until it is expelled. This can cause bowel tolerance problems resulting in diarrhea and other issues. So when starting off with large doses you may not be able to take more than 5g per day without reaching bowel tolerance. But after a while the body begins to adjust and you can take more. The recommended amount is to find your bowel tolerance, and then to take not more than 80-90% of that dosage.

So now you understand how virtually impossible it would be to absorb 15g of vitamin C per day, since you would need to take around 90g (17% absorption) of ascorbic acid resulting in major bowel tolerance issues.

However, by using liposomes as a transporter of vitamin C it is quite possible to absorb large doses without having to disrupt the digestive system. Liposomes containing C are small enough to absorb straight through the stomach and intestinal walls into the bloodstream without having to be digested. The absorption rate of liposomal vitamin C is 90-95%. Therefore, you can take much smaller doses of vitamin C while at the same time avoiding large scale bowel tolerance issues.

What happens when you do not get even the bare minimum amount of ascorbic acid? You get scurvy, go crazy, act violently. The teeth, gums, and all other body tissues begin breaking down, and soon you die. Millions of sailors died before the remedy for scurvy was understood. Once the mechanism was understood, the ship doctors could tell when to hand out the scurvy medicine (lemons, oranges, etc.). That is, when the shipmates started thinking mutiny and acting violently, it was high time that they got a dose of vitamin C. Since most people, in modern society, get very small insufficient doses of C in their diet, the chances of getting latent scurvy (vs. full blown scurvy) are quite high. For instance, a medium-size orange has only about 70 milligrams of vitamin C. This nutritional deficiency may be responsible for much of the violent behavior in our society.

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