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The DreamGenie ™ A New Kind of Lucid Dream Induction Device

The DreamGenie is no longer in production.

Lucid Dream Machine

What would it be like to control your dreams? To have fantastic adventures such as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar, The Matrix, and Inception? This and much more is fully possible during lucid dreaming—a dream during which the dreamer knows that he or she is dreaming.

Wouldn’t it be great if like Aladdin you had a personal genie that you could call on to tell you whenever you are dreaming? Well, believe it or not, you can now get your very own Dream Genie ™. The Dream Genie can potentially grant you all the lucid dreams you want.

To invoke your Dream Genie, you should make a habit of “rubbing” the magical ring whenever you wake up during the night. Once your Dream Genie shows up, there’s no telling what might happen, or what wild wish the Genie may grant you. Experience any fantastic adventure you might like to have. Your Dream Genie is your personal gateway to the World of Lucid Dreaming. Well, of course the Dream Genie doesn’t actually contain a genie. But, just the same, it has been known to grant lucid dreams to the bearer of the ring.

What is the Dream Genie? The Dream Genie is a new type of lucid dream induction device, the very first of its kind. It was thought up and designed by an avid lucid dreamer who wanted something that was less bulky and much more comfortable than a face mask. It is worn on a finger instead of the face.

How It Works
Lucid Dream Machine

How does the Dream Genie work? The Dream Genie is basically a reality testing device that you wear on a chosen finger. Whenever you wake up during the night, you press the button of the Dream Genie with your thumb to test whether you are still dreaming or whether you are actually awake.

Lucid Dream MachineDream Genie Button

Often dreamers think that they are lying awake in bed when actually they are dreaming that they are lying awake in bed. When you press the button, located at the end of the short leg, the Dream Genie vibrates. If it doesn’t vibrate, or if the vibration is unusual or delayed by a few seconds, then you should conclude that you are probably dreaming.

The Dream Genie was especially designed to be used in combination with galantamine. When using galantamine, dreamers often experience multiple false awakenings. Or they may think they are lying awake in bed waiting to go to sleep when, in reality, they have actually fallen asleep and are now dreaming they are lying awake in bed. The Dream Genie can help convert these false awakenings and other experiences into full-blown lucid dreams.

Advantages Over Other Devices

What advantages does the Dream Genie have over the many popular lucid dreaming face masks, such as the NovaDreamer or the REM-Dreamer?:

◊ The Dream Genie is much more affordable than a face mask.

◊ The Dream Genie is tech-friendly and very easy to use. It comes ready to go, with no complicated settings.

◊ The Dream Genie is worn on the finger and is much more comfortable than a face mask. Dreamers have often reported that face masks are very cumbersome, too hot to wear, and that they apply too much pressure to the head.

◊ You can sleep face down with the Dream Genie. You can only sleep on your side or back with a face mask.

◊ The Dream Genie is much less likely to come off your finger than a face mask is to fall off your head. In the middle of the night, the Dream Genie is far easier to put on than a cumbersome face mask.

◊ One of the greatest advantages of the Dream Genie is that you can perform a reality test by a slight movement of the fingers instead of lifting your hand to your forehead to push the reality test button. Which do you think is more conducive to sleep? Which are you more likely to do a reality test with? In fact, when you first put your Dream Genie on your finger, it’s hard to quit pushing the reality test button out of sheer pleasure!

◊ There are no batteries or electronics that cover your face and eyes.

Lucid Dream Machine

Dream Genie Specifications

The circumference of the ring hole of the Dream Genie is slighty larger than 2 18 inches or 54 mm. It can be worn in many different positions as long as the end of at least one of your fingers is not too large for the hole. The Dream Genie can be flipped to fit any finger on both your right and left hands. Dreamers with very large fingers may be able to fit the Dream Genie on the end of their pinkie if nowhere else. The pinkie is the least convenient position for pushing the button. But it works.

If you are not sure whether the Dream Genie will fit you, then measure the circumference of your pinkie right below the tip of your finger and just above the knuckle. You can check your pinkie size with a measuring tape made for sewing, or a piece of string marked with the length of the circumference of the Dream Genie. Since your finger will not have a perfect circumference, you should also check for the maximum allowed diameter of 1116 inches or 17.25 mm. You may refer to the following ring-size conversion chart. But keep in mind that the Dream Genie can be worn on any finger, not just the ring finger. The ring finger is usually the 2nd smallest finger.

The Dream Genie uses 2 LR44 button cells. You change them by first unscrewing the two screws that hold the cover, then remove the old batteries and insert the new ones. Be sure to put the new batteries in the correct position, or else your Dream Genie will take a temporary break from its night job.

Keep the Dream Genie well out of reach of your dog who may find it to be an awesome chew toy, that is, until he swallows the batteries.

Below, see more pictures of the Dream Genie.

An Interesting Tidbit

The name of the Dream Genie was announced by a disembodied voice during a lucid dream.

Dream Genie Testimonial

Brent from Phoenix, AZ:

“I had a lucid dream on the third night of trying with my Dream Genie.

Here’s what I did. Since I usually have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I left the Dream Genie off and didn’t put it on until I woke up at 2:50 a.m.

I then tried to say something like, “One, I’m dreaming, Two, I’m dreaming. . .”  and so forth like that, but I drifted off to sleep fairly quickly.  Then later I realized that I was in a room sort of like a dorm room and I realized that I had the Dream Genie on my hand so I pressed it and it didn’t vibrate so I decided that maybe I was dreaming even though it looked really solid.

I decided to try flying and it worked, so I knew I was dreaming. I flew up about 50 feet then the dream faded.

Lots of Fun. I definitely wouldn’t have had this lucid dream without the Dream Genie. Hopefully I can have more interesting Lucid Dreams too.”

Lucid Dream Machine Lucid Dream Machine

Lucid Dream Machine Lucid Dream Machine

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